Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The well's up and running ...pumping water....

Tool Belt Jim got his pump and is ready to get the drilled well that was on the property when we bought it up and pumping water. We want to be able to water the garden and the chickens with this water rather than using the Consolidated Public Water that we are on.
He painted the inside of the well housing and also added a light socket so we could plug in a heat bulb in the winter.

Notice he had lots of help.

Putting the new pipe down the hole with help from our son-in-law Steve.

Had my daughter Rachel on the 4 wheeler pulling a rope.

Enjoy this picture because as soon as she sees it on here she will take it off.

Here's a close up of what the pipe that went down the well looked like.

The finished product. Everything's all done.

Put the temporary top back on. Before winter we'll have to build a insulated cover of some kind.

This switch box is located in the shop. In case I ever need to turn it off or on I guess.

Now we have water up at the barn....

as well as down at the chicken house and garden area.
This is what I call "free water". Guess it wasn't free to get the well up and running, but now my water will be free coming from the well.
If hard times get any worse, I think they are already here, having our own water supply will be a plus. So if you too have a water supply on your homestead, get it up and running, for goodness sake. I'm glad we finally did!

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Jacquelyn said...

this is just amazing! wonderful that you all know what you are doing. We're city slickers and live in an allotment so I don't think we'll be getting any well water out of our backyards. But oh, would I love that free water!!! Good on ya!