Sunday, July 5, 2009

Roosters are here...

Someone advertised this dog pen on our local "Trader Program" for $75.00. I bought it to put my chickens in. And it's divided so that will take care of the "can't get along" problem.
I picked up a couple signs from a little place that I will blog about soon. Love the one with the ducks. Couldn't resist.

Tool Belt Jim brought home this concrete rooster and it is now keeping guard from the porch. Some people have dogs. I have a concrete rooster! Don't mess with him either!!!

Got these two signs to attach to my "dog pen" rooster cage.

I think I will paint a sign that says "Farm Town" to put down where my animals live. My daughter plays this game on facebook. I told her I have a real farmtown to play with!
And mine lay eggs and are productive to boot! My ducks are quacking and my chickens are clucking but I haven't heard the roosters crowing yet. What's that all about? My one rooster probably has a complex and needs counseling because none of the chickens even like him. He's a sissy rooster too cause he runs from the hens! Go figure!!!

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