Saturday, July 18, 2009

Family of champions!!

These are two of my nephews following the Show Me State Games race they were in. My sister tells it best in the email she sent to her husband who could not be there to witness the great event. Congratulations to you on your win. You both persevered to the end!!

Here's her email:

Oscar: I gotta tell you I am really sorry you missed the event. I think this was the proudest moment of my career as a parent. I am so proud of Sergio. He determination paid off. He worked his tail off on that bike. I am so proud of Spencer. Twenty eight miles is a long way, but he never gave up, and never once said quit. He prayed last nite..." died on the cross for me, I can ride this one for you"....This took courage, mental and physical strength and extreme determination. They were both probably the youngest contestants, and I don't think either had ever rode 28 miles or 45.06 kilometers before. The winds were northwest 10-15 miles an hour...awful...but neither quit. There were at least 50-70 contestants...just not too many in his tandem class. The only thing that would have made today better would have been you there with us, sharing this event as a family. It was truly incredible. We love you.
The face of one happy cyclist! I'm proud of you Spencer!!!
Now my sister Janet failed to mention in the email to her husband that she too participated in the race. Here she is.

And she too won a ribbon. Way to go Janet!!!

Winners all three. A family of champions!!! I love you all!!! Sergio, you're the man!!!

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Jacquelyn said...

wow! I would be dead if I tried that! Congratulations to the perseverers!