Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July to all my friends and family!!!

The best part about the 4th of July was having all my favorite things to eat without having to fix any of them. Well, except for the potatoes. My daughter Rachel took control of the celebration this year. And a wonderful job she did. Think I'll let her do it again next year!
First, nothing speaks 4th of July like a big tall glass of lemonade.

Corn on the Cob. Can't beat it!

Green Bean Casserole. Traditional. Steve's request.

My cheesy potato casserole made with shredded hashbrowns and Velveeta cheese.

T-Bone and Club Steak. My son-in-law Steve says he can out cook us all. Actually, it's true at least when it comes to the barbecue. So we let him have it!

He's also famous for his Pork Chops and Chicken. Love that Greek seasoning.

Also had Bush's Grillin Beans. And Rachel made homemade rolls.

Fresh cucumbers in a mixture of vinegar, water and sugar. Tastes great!

You can't celebrate the 4th without cantaloupe and watermelon. Unfortunately, we didn't have watermelon. But the cantaloupe made up for it.

Sugar cookies for dessert.

Kids set off fireworks after it got dark. Tool Belt Jim took a Darth Vader head that was originally a pinata from a birthday party and they were huddled together trying to get enough "fire power" to blow it up. I believe it met it's demise tonight. Notice the pipes for putting fireworks in.

Hope you enjoyed my 4th of July pictures. I had a good time and hope you had a good 4th celebrated with your friends and families. Again, let's remember what the 4th is really all about. Freedom really isn't free. Someone paid a high price for it! Let's don't ever take it for granted.

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