Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random shots before the rain...

It's like a sauna tonight but Tool Belt Jim went out and did some mowing because a thunderstorm is on its way. I took advantage of the clouds to shoot some photos around the homestead. Enjoy.

The daylilies in front of my house are at their best and won't last much longer.

So delicate and lovely.

I love 4 oclocks. Takes me back to summer days at my grandma Reaves house. She always had these beautiful flowers that seem to open up around 4 in the evening. Picked these seeds while on a trip to Colorado.

Wildflowers that came up in my garden and were too pretty to pull up and throw away.

This fungus has destroyed my grape crop for three years in a row. Any suggestions? I spray every year but must not be doing it early enough. Looks like I'll lose my crop once again.

I have little eggplants starting to grow. Never planted them before this year.

Tame berries are loaded and will make great jelly.

Shasta Daisies. A sweet lady that recently passed away introduced me to Shasta Daisies many years ago and I love this flower that returns year after year. We'll miss you Ruth Curtis.
We do have some corn and the boys are showing me how tall it is.

Think Tool Belt Jim is telling me this is the corn he planted for seed. Notice his sweat soaked shirt. And also notice the sky behind him. While we were checking out the garden the wind came up from the North and began to blow. You could actually hear it coming across the bottom. He took the boys home just in time before the rain started. Guess I won't have to water the garden tonight after all.
Life on the homestead. It's good. And a lot of work. But still good. I'm thankful for all my blessings. Are you?

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