Saturday, June 6, 2009

Planting One More Time...

After seeing my sisters garden and then going to another of my sister's house and seeing her garden looking so good I decided to try planting one more time. So Tool Belt Jim once again brought out the tractor and once again disked up the part of the garden where everything we previously planted either didn't come up or got washed out.

So I went to my local garden supply place and bought the rest of their seed potatoes and Tool Belt Jim and the boys got them ready to plant. Notice the expression on Koda's face. What the heck is this?
And I dug up either winter onions or garlic that had been left over from last year and transplanted it into this raised bed. Don't know what it will do.

And I am trying something new with my potatoes and onions since it is so late in the year to be planting them. I just laid them on top of the ground (barely pressed them in for the onions) and then covered them with straw and we'll see what happens. My sister actually planted a tomato plant directly in a bale of straw this year. Wild! We'll see if it grows.
Tool Belt Jim's raised bed of potatoes are doing good. As they grow, he adds another row of boards and covers them with more dirt. Heard you could grow lots of potatoes in a small space by doing that. We'll see.

This is Eggplant. Haven't planted that before and don't know how to cook it but bet someone knows that can tell me how. Any good recipes?

My zucchini is looking good. Should have one big enough to pick in a couple days.

I have cucumbers planted along this fence as well as a couple tomatoes.

Since it has been so hot lately, Tool Belt Jim made a shade area for the ducks and chickens. Strange thing is they still go back to their old spot where there is no grass and sit in the bare dirt. Probably cool.
While watering the plants on my patio tonight this little fella came up on the patio and sat under my wheelbarrow. He let me walk right up to him. He was still as a mouse. His momma probably has taught him to sit still and don't move no matter what. Isn't he adorable? Tiny little thing.
And on my way into town tonight I snapped this picture. A whole bunch of these were growing along the roadside. Sure it is a weed but thought it was beautiful. I've got in the habit of carrying my camera with me so I don't miss these kind of shots. Looks like a giant dandelion doesn't it?
Have to take an all day CPR/First Aid class for the Red Cross tomorrow so better head to bed. It's only 2:00 A.M. Tomorrow will come around fast!


Washer Mom Val said...

Love the baby bunny! Weed is beautiful - good shot!

Deb said...

We planted a small garden this year, but we only have an older roto-tiller. Our ground is rocky, hard-packed clay and sure took some work. Next year I think we'll do a bit better.
I like that straw/hay idea. I am having the most difficult time keeping weeds out of our garden.
May God bless your efforts with a abundant harvest!