Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off to Bushwhacker Days on the square...

For the last couple days our local community had its annual Bushwhacker Days complete with carnival rides , booths, parade etc.
The local chapter of the American Red Cross always sets up our trailer and we sell funnel cakes to raise funds for local disaster relief. We believe we make the BEST funnel cakes around!

Showing off my youngest grandson while I wait to walk in the parade.

Red Cross volunteer David is slaving away cooking up those delicious funnel cakes!

This young man is showing me the funnel cake piping hot and ready to be eaten!

Here's my "other daughter" and Rachel's friend Jamie coming with her new baby. First time the two babies attend a Bushwhacker's Day.

Baby Kaden is wearing his new hat and looking sharp!

And this is Baby Adyson in her new hat also. And here's Police Officer son Tim doing crowd control. Had to snap a quick picture of my little baby boy who's not so little anymore.

Koda's favorite thing is trains. Taking a ride with big brother.

My grandsons Mark and Koda waiting for a helicopter ride.

Koda is afraid of heights so wonder what is going through his mind here.
Don't you love seeing cars from days gone by? I never get tired of seeing old cars.

And trucks.

And I love turquoise cars.

Ever wondered what happened to Elvis? Apparently he is alive and well attending car shows.

People for Pets had a booth set up too.

Now that is a BIG dog!

Looks like someone is getting tired.

This is our Red Cross ranger pickup which will be pulling our disaster trailer. We have figured out that in a real disaster that this pickup is not big enough to pull this trailer very far. Too many cots and supplies making this trailer too heavy.

Getting lined up. Our volunteer friends from the county next to ours joined our parade. We call ourselves "one Red Cross" because in case of a disaster we all help one another.

Steve and Rachel and the boys have their places lined up along the street waiting for the parade to start. Soon the sirens will blow...

Koda thinks this is really a noisy place.

Mark is petting this little pony that was in the parade. Isn't this a great picture?

It's been a long, exciting and tiring day and now it is time to sit back and enjoy the memories of a day full of fun and friends and all the things that make up small town festivities. We've stuffed ourselves with nachos, fried turkey legs, pan fried catfish, funnel cakes, pulled pork sandwiches and drank real root beer and sat in the park and listened to down home music.

What more could you ask for on a beautiful summer day?

We'll do it again next year!


Dee said...

I like home town festivals. Ours is in August but done on a much smaller scale than yours. You looked like you had fun walking in the parade. I have never had funnel cake. Looks yummy. Dee

Deb said...

I get tired just watching you! ha ha. You seem to have boundless energy and such a 'joy of the Lord'.
I'm blessed every time I visit here.