Saturday, June 6, 2009

More chickens...

While I was at my CPR class today Tool Belt Jim went to a poultry swap. He came home with some banty chickens that he paid $1.00 each for. Look at those weird feathers around their feet. Never seen that before!
Makes me want to get out my scissors and do some trimming!

He also picked up a couple "silkies", think that is what he called them. I think as they get older their top-knots will get more distinct.

Aren't they beautiful? Think they are still pretty young though.

Only problem is the little banty hen has a problem and keeps pecking the little silkies. But when Tool Belt Jim took her and put her in the big chicken house, the bigger chickens started pecking her. So he had to separate all of them. Think that is where the phrase "establishing the pecking order" came from?

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Kay aka dkswife said...

Just watch the chickens because if they decide to gang up on a chicken, they will literally peck it to death. Don't ask how I know that :(