Monday, June 22, 2009

The Homestead is Ablaze with color and growth...

Come and have a seat on the porch in the cool of the evening and let me show you what's happening around the homestead.

First, the animals are growing in leaps and bounds. Here's the three banties. Have to temporarily keep them in their little pen inside the big pen because they are so mean to anything they come close to.

The ducks go "quack, quack, quack" all day now. Just love to hear them talking to each other. And now they are no longer scared of the chickens so there is some semblance of peace in the barnyard.

And finally the guineas have "bonded" with the silkies. We had to keep them in a small pen for a few days so they would feel like they belonged together. Silkies are suppose to make good mothers and the guineas are little and need "mothering."

Notice I do have a crop of onions coming up through the straw. Planted them late but they're looking good so far.

And I'm pleased to see potatoes coming up through the straw also. Remember we planted them almost on top of the ground because it was so late . This is our latest experiment.

The peppers and onions and tomatoes planted directly in the ground in the greenhouse are doing great. Unfortunately, the stakes are in the ground but the tomatoes never got tied to the stakes and now I think they are too big to tie up without breaking the branches. But I have lots of green tomatoes. Can hardly wait for bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches.

These giant white flowers are actually carrots that have gone to seed. They are approximately 3 - 4 feet tall growing along the same fence the grape vines are on. Going to let them go to seed to see what happens.

The Tiger Lilies are about to burst forth in bloom

I planted a sunflower plant against the greenhouse so I would have food for the birds and maybe chickens. Do chickens eat sunflower seeds?

I just love this vine. It belonged to my friend Priscilla's grandmother and it will take over wherever you plant it. She always called it a Moonflower vine. The root looks like a sweet potato vine and gets bigger every year. If you don't watch it, it will spread everywhere. Attracts bumblebees also.

Same vine growing up my windmill. Has huge flowers that close up in the evening. Looks like morning glory flower

I am so happy to see I am going to have lots of grapes. Tool Belt Jim has been spraying them. Hopefully the fungus disease that has gotten them for the last several years will stay away this year. Love grape jelly

Think this is a neat picture.

My favorite daylily is this one called "the Gentle Shepherd."

These pink, lacy ones look so delicate.

These are the 4 o'clocks from the seeds taken in Colorado about 4 years ago. They have done splendidly even after being stored for several years.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Homestead. Enjoying the beauty of the simple life for a season.
We'll do it again sometime.

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