Friday, June 26, 2009

He's moving out again...

My youngest son, Police Officer Tim is gonna be moving out again. He has rented a house in town so I am once again on that emotional roller coaster. I watched him move out and go off to college and watched him move back home. Then I watched him again move out and go off to Police Academy and then watched him once again move back home. And now I will watch him move out probably for the final time.
I am on one hand happy for him as I remember how exciting it was to have my own place and be on my own. But I am already feeling sad because I won't be hearing his footsteps coming in after getting off work. There's something about knowing your kids are home and safe in bed that helps a mother sleep, even if the kid is 21 years old and a police officer.

Is it normal to have such a hard time letting your youngest go? Maybe I need some counseling! I am sure Officer Tim's dad and sister would say so.

I wish you the best Police Officer Tim and youngest son and my prayers will continue for your safety in your job and also that you grow and mature in wisdom and character. You'll always be "my baby" though. Love you!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awww.... **hugs**
My husband and I only have one son and I can imagine what you're going through.
The emotion of 'letting go' is so difficult because it means that we have to then truly surrender our children over to God and trust that we've done all we know to do in raising them to make good and right decisions.
I found myself giving my son to God - then taking him back over & over again. I have watched him make some great decisions and some not so good choices. And as a "mom" I wanted to step in and 'fix' his problems - when I finally realized that God needed him to go through all those situations to bring my son to maturity.
You don't need counseling. It sounds like you've just got a normal, healthy family transition where you are letting go and surrendering your son (and yourself) to God.
My advice is to allow every emotional moment... every expectation of hearing his footsteps... every time you cook a smaller meal... remind you to (again) give Police Officer Tim to our Heavenly Father. That's what I do. And for me - it works.
God bless you my friend.