Saturday, June 27, 2009

The good, the bad and the UGLY...

I'll tell you like it is here on the blog and this story is UGLY.....

We are very big here on the homestead of preserving food, preparing for hard times, and hopefully getting prepared for any kind of disaster that could strike.

But, here's my latest disaster...

We bought some wheat from a very popular preparedness store whose name I won't mention but just read the bag. We stored it on a shelf in our pantry which is climate controlled (air conditioned) in the dry basement. Should have been an excellent location.

I made jelly today and when I bent over to lift the box that contained my fruit jars I could hear a sizzling sound and it was coming from the bag of wheat. I wasn't about to touch it cause I didn't know if it was about to explode or what.

When Tool Belt Jim came in I told him about the bag and he picked it up and took it outside. Thank God for that. He tore open the bag and GUESS WHAT? There was more than wheat inside. It was full of bugs that must have just hatched!!!!
See all those black specks in there? Bugs!!!

See those black specks on the bag? Bugs...When Tool Belt Jim opened the bag they headed everywhere!!!! Notice the side of the bag says Home Storage Products. you betcha...

You can bet I will notify the company and find out what that is all about? My guess is the wheat was full of eggs and must have been time for them to hatch. These things don't come cheap and now I guess it is safe to feed it to my chickens.

At this point I'll have to admit I am ignorant of this stuff but I intend to get educated real fast. And we were going to buy some more from this company but I don't plan on buying anymore wheat and now I am wondering about some of their other dry goods like flour etc.

Anybody know more about this kind of thing? I'll let you know what the company has to say. I'll send my pictures to them.

I am just thankful the bag didn't explode in the pantry and I would have thousands of bugs everywhere!!!!!!

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bre1313 said...

I've always heard that bags of grain should be frozen for a few days before storing. Now I don't know if this is true for wheat this is meant to stored or just the smaller off the shelf type packages.