Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to make a chicken tractor by Tool Belt Jim

What in tarnation is a chicken tractor? A chicken with big tires on its back legs?(buzzer sounds) wrong answer. Two chickens barreling at each other on tractors waiting to see who will give first?(buzzer sounds) wrong again. Its a movable chicken coop! yep that simple.
I stopped by the local lumber yard( I know I have a Sawmill) and there was a pile of 2x4's and 2x6's out front and I asked the price and they said $1.00 per stick. Well I sucked them up like a Kansas tornado in a trailer court. So this is the frame that sits on the ground. I made it 3' by 9' because that is how long the 2x4's were. I have $ 5.00 in lumber cost in these'.

Here are the sides and top. pretty simple
I ran out of hinges so I used the old outhouse latch system. The hole is to put my finger through to open it
The wire has been installed and the roost is ready for chicken feet
The white stuff is material they use on billboards. It will last 10 years and is waterproof and impossible to tear and it was free. I left it up the sides a little for air circulation.
Here are the Bantams. ( Bantys) . I think these are my favorite chickens. I am hoping the big chickens will get used to the little ones being in the pen and quit pecking them. Then I can let them out of their little prison.

Here is the traumatized rooster that a friend gave me. The hens were pretty tough on him. I found him hiding in the corner of the chicken house (the Cluck Mahal) with his head stuck behind a 2x4. I wasn't ready for him to do his roostering stuff yet so I will keep him separated.
So there is my story for the blog.
Tool Belt Jim


Anonymous said...

I love visiting here - I'm learning SO MUCH!
What may see pretty common to you is truly a wondrous education for some of us.
Thank you for sharing,

Kay aka dkswife said...

Poor fella. They will accept him eventually :)