Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beauty around the homestead...

I've been working like crazy getting my flowers and my yard weeded and mowed and looking good. Thought you might enjoy some of the results.
We moved this old piece of farm equipment in amongst the trees and I planted some Iris around it. Next year should really look great. Reminder of days gone by and how hard working the land was.
The "wildlife" keep guard from their ledge on the patio.
I trimmed the wisteria back big time last fall and it still looks pretty overgrown to me but I can't complain because the blooms were beautiful and smelled delightful.

Here's one of my "thinking places."

I trimmed every one of these trees head high so I wouldn't be running into them when I am mowing. And then we moved the picnic table out here so it would be in the shade. Tool Belt Jim thinks trimming the trees is being obsessive.

The hostas around the wishing well are huge this year

I planted a clematis, some daylilies, sedum and shasta daisies around my front steps this year and even though the soil is very poor here they seem to be thriving.
I love these verigated hostas that I planted around this tree.Unfortunately, my garden hasn't done too great except for these two zucchini plants.

But the flowers make up for the gardens sad state.

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Neha Bakshi said...

hey mamm u r awsum relly n keep it up. .. . . its gud bog. . . .