Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Tornado Dream...

Several years ago I had a tornado dream and last night I had another one of those same dreams. Pray about this dream and see if it speaks anything to you.

Here's my dream:

I was in the midst of a large group of people that I did not seem to know except for one other couple. The sky was ominous looking and I was trying to help the crowd find a place of shelter and safety . There was not panic or even an air of seriousness coming from the people but it was apparent that a storm was approaching. We were finding it hard to find actual basements in the area we were in and a very large group of people were crowding in to a small place that seemed to be under a porch area because it was constructed of concrete but it did have glass behind it not making it the best location for safety.

As we were crowded into this place we were watching the boiling, rolling clouds forming above us and as I was looking up at this swirling mass I could read the words "one road" on this cloud. Behind this cloud and further in the distance was a tornado. It was much further away and was not the focus at this point. The swirling, rolling cloud above us had our attention.

As that cloud moved on the people began to disperse and I remember yelling at my friends Mike and Jane for us to head to their house because I knew they had a basement so we had to be in an area I was familiar with. But I lost them in the crowd of people trying to leave for a safer place.

And as I would pass people I would ask "Did you see what was written on that cloud?" Some did see and some missed it. One young man who had a pregnant wife said to me " My wife is wanting me to get saved before this baby is born and I intend to do it". But others were not moved by the writing in the cloud or had not even seen it. The sun had temporarily come out and most were in a hurry to move on.

At one point I picked up a phone in the house above us and it was a direct line to a paramedic or maybe the police. I told them where we were at and asked them if they could see the tornado approaching and they said they were aware of it.

As I was looking to find my ride I heard Mike calling my name and I headed in his direction .

End of dream.

I had this dream around midnight. I had been up agitated and questioning God about some things I observe in my own life and with my own family before I fell asleep. Is my own family looking to God in this time , myself included or is life going on without God being made Supreme? It is easy especially in this country that we live in to allow ourselves to become self=made people, depending on ourselves and only thinking about ourselves. I believe God hates that!

Another interesting thing is that the day before this dream I had been taking inventory in our Red Cross funnel cake trailer taking stock of what we had and what we needed to make the trailer functional and usable for what it was designed to do. Make funnel cakes.

I believe God is still telling me there is still a storm coming upon this country and He is wanting a people prepared for this storm. The Bible tells us in the last days everything that can be shaken will be shaken and I see that happening today. I also believe the words in the cloud are to remind us that there is only ONE ROAD that will lead to us being in a place of safety. Our government and others might give us all kinds of ways to come through this storm but God says there is only ONE ROAD to a place of safety. Will we be on it? Will we be a people who seek that ONE ROAD?

We as a people need to be taking inventory of our lives and making sure we are right with God, praying for our families that they know God, are serving Him, and will be in a place of safety so they can also be prepared for the approaching storm. God intended for His people to be a family and to need one another. In the end there truly will only be ONE CHURCH, ONE BODY OF BELIEVERS and we need to start acting like it now. We are the PEOPLE OF GOD! LOVING ONE ANOTHER because when the storm is upon us we will be drawing support and depending on one another.

I believe there is still a mighty shaking coming! And I want to make sure I can hear the voice of God speaking to me personally and through my brothers and sisters.

Any thoughts?


Steve Highlander said...

I am hearing more and more reports of storm warnings. One thing that strikes me in particular is the cloud had the words "one way". That cloud was not teh tornado, but a precursor to it. To me it seems God is saying that the way to safety is through the storm of his chosing. I do not think we will avoid the storm, but rather prepare to weather it. I am reminded just now of the disciples in the boat, when jesus told them to go to the other side and the storm arose in the middle. It says when he rebuked the storm they were IMMEDIATELTY at land where they were going. I think that in the midts of the storm when all LOOKS hopeless, our destination is just a word of God away. Blessings. Steve Highladner

Deb said...

wow. I've been dreaming that 'something is coming' and my husband and I are leading people we don't know to safety. Sometimes it's in abandoned buildings, sometimes it's in wooded areas, but it seems like we're always trying to run from something and get to somewhere without someone finding us (if that makes sense). And there's always an urgency to my dream and I have been waking up feeling a heaviness - a burden.
I am not one who's a 'drama queen' but I do feel that something is coming.
I spoke with a friend of mine who lives in another state and she said she also has that feeling and it's growing stronger as they days go by.
Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life. He also said He is the 'gate'. And wide is the gate that leads to destruction, but narrow is the road to leads to life.
God said that He would shake the earth and judge His church before the return of Jesus. Jesus told us we'd recognize the season and the signs.
There's so much in your dream Nana!
I feel God is telling you that you are gifted not only in helping to 'save' people (through your Red Cross Volunteering), but you're also gifted in helping to lead people to spiritual Salvation found only in the "One Road".
I don't know whether this is the 'season' for the return of Christ or not - it sure seems like it could be to me. But know my friend, that your heart is one that leads people to that "One Road" that will save them for all eternity. May we all follow your lead and focus on the things of eternity and forget about the things of this world that divide.
God bless you!!!

Washer Mom Val said...

Good deep thinking post. I'm not one to figure out dreams, but it is all in God's hands! Here in the midwest we've had our share of storms - this week we went to the basement based on weather for shelter. Or is the storm brewing with North Korea or Iraq? Sure makes one think.

Jacquelyn said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for following me! I have had many dreams through the years where I felt God was speaking to me. In one dream, I personally confronted Osama Bin Laden and invited him to believe in Jesus Christ. He turned down the offer, and I walked away from his tent in the middle of the desert, but I woke up with an assurance that after confronting such a scary and powerful man, I would never again be shy about sharing my faith. Your interpretation of your dream seems very plausible. Believers in America have, to date, been spared so much persecution that other peoples have endured. Jesus warned us that we would suffer in this world...perhaps our time is coming.

Dee said...

I feel this is a dream that shows the chaotic and turbulaent times we are in at the present time and the Lord is showing that to put all out trust and confidence in him and not man. The tornado is prophecy of Gods coming judgement in the future. It is coming, but so many people chose not to believe. Many believers are having these dreams. Dee

GrammyGoo said...

Nana- Serveral years ago I had a dream of many tornado's approaching at night . God has been giving me several dream recently about a coming storm. I wrote a poem last year about it :
It is called Storm on the Horizon . It is on my blog. My spirit bears witness with yours that God is speaking the same meaage to many in the Body of Christ!
Love & Prayers, HH

Nana said...

Dear Joyce , Your letter about your dream is in line with what has been heavy on my heart for a long time now. And it is exactly what our preacher was preaching about last night. His whole sermon was on how we are ONE BODY, ONE CHURCH, and how important it is to have this love for one another to be able to stand with what is coming on this earth, I personally can hardly stand the news today. And to hear what is coming out of the mouths of those this country has voted in this time and entrusted to love and preserve this nation. Our forefathers did build this nation ,under God , and now this leader says America is not a Christian nation to appease others. As if he is ashamed and must apoligize for our beginning as a Christian nation. In these past years, there has been those who have tried to tear that all down. We are going to have to have the deepest faith and trust in God to withstand all of this. One of the most frightening things to me is his turning his back on Israel. God will not stand still for this. God Bless you, Joyce. With Love, Esther