Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Flowers are starting to bloom...

I just love this little statue quietly reading in the woods surrounded by these little pink flowers called "pinks".

One of my mother's favorite flowers. I transplanted these poppies from her house.

I love clematis vines. Plant a new one almost every year.

Peonies. One of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, these are not mine. I drive by and drool over them every year. Hope these friends of mine realize what a wonderful thing they have in their yard. What I would give to have them living in mine! I have a couple plants I moved with me from town and they haven't bloomed yet. They don't like being moved! So others have to share the beauty of their gorgeous flowers with me. They're almost ready to bloom.
Aah, life is so much better with flowers!

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Dee said...

The world would be a dreary place with out flowers and grandkids.Dee