Saturday, April 11, 2009

Muleskinner and Tool Belt Jim Making a Tool Shed...

Tool Belt Jim's Brother Mule Skinner brought over some logs that he wanted cut up into lumber so he could build a tool shed. Now I thought he was building his wife "Mother Dear" a potting shed but that must be coming later. What a beautiful day it was to be working outside too!

Here Tool Belt Jim is loading some already cut up lumber onto the trailer.

Mule Skinner and Tool Belt Jim's dad " Allis Man" is watching. He use to have his own sawmill and was a logger in Oregon so he and "Mrs. Allis" came over to watch the goings on. They are Allis Chalmers tractor fans.

Can you tell Mule Skinner is enjoying this?

My guess is "Mrs. Allis" is enjoying watching her boys working together.

Tool Belt Jim has one of the logs loaded and is taking it to the sawmill for cutting up.

Measuring one of the logs so he'll know where to cut it.

Cutting the log with the chain saw.

The log has been placed on the sawmill ready to be sawed into lumber.

Notice Tool Belt Jim is working the controls from the end.

Here Mule Skinner is using the cant hook to turn the log.

And turn it some more.
Mule Skinner is giving directions.

Isn't this a great project for family to be doing together on a sunny day?

And I am so glad Allis Man and Mrs. Allis got to come.

Tool Belt Jim and Allis Man checking out the controls that run the sawmill.

Mule Skinner told me these large beams will be used as skids for the Tool Shed.

Best seat in the place if you ask me.

My guess is this is the left over stuff that goes to the burn pile.

And here's the Wallace clan gathered at the sawmill.

O.K. "Mother Dear" it's your turn next to get that "potting shed."

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