Monday, April 27, 2009

It's raining and raining and raining....

It's raining outside so guess I will take advantage of it and work inside cleaning my house today. My garden was needing some rain so am thankful and not complaining.

The plants inside my greenhouse are looking good. I have to water them almost everyday but that is O.K.

By the way, the ducks are not so exciting now. Ducks are pretty messy when you have to keep them in a small container until they get big enough to be put in the chicken house. I am hoping the chickens will be friendly about sharing their space. It is suppose to get down in the 40's tonight so is too cold for them to be outside yet.

Baby Kaden had to make a trip to the emergency room on Saturday. His incision was all swollen and red in one place. Think it might be caused by a disposable staple not disposing properly. He will see his pediatrician today to check out its progress and see if it is looking better.

Worked outside after church yesterday. Did some mowing, some weeding, some transplanting and some raking. Was such a perfect day!

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