Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am so sore that I can hardly move. So I hauled my tired body into a hot bath and drank a coke while I was soaking. Life is good!

My son in law reminded me that every year I say I am not going to buy any more flowers or have a big garden and every year when the first warm day hits, I am at my local garden center again. And so this year is no different than prior ones. Here's the flowers I have bought so far waiting to be planted.

I started my morning off by hauling out Tool Belt Jim's new tiller because I couldn't get mine to start even though it was taken to the shop for that very reason. I must be doing something wrong but it still is too big for me to operate even if Tool Belt Jim can do it with one hand. Too many gears and such for me.

So I tilled up a small flower bed down by the garden and planted some "four o'clock" seeds that I have had for several years. Hope they will still come up. I picked them on a trip to Kansas one year from this sweet old ladies yard. Hers come up year after year and are very crowded which causes them to stay more compact and not get so leggy. Hopefully mine will look like her bed did minus the rattlesnakes they have out there. I'm not into weeding the flower beds and working around the rattlesnakes myself. I lugged about 20 concrete stepping stones and put around the outside edge to use as a border. Hopefully that will keep the weeds from "crossing the line".

Then I planted my cucumbers where they can run up a cattle panel and climb. That saves them running all over creation. I planted "straight eights" and am hoping they work good for pickling or eating in salads. Took what my local Wal-Marts carried.

I also planted TWO zucchini plants. Anything more than that is just asking for trouble. But how I hate to plant only two of anything. But trust me, that's enough!

So now I have planted my potatoes (and hoping they didn't all wash out from a big rain we had earlier), onions, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and peas as well as my small bed of lettuce and radishes and spinach. Again, my plan is to hit the local Amish stores and buy in bulk from them for canning.

So that leaves me with green beans and whatever else strikes my fancy as I cruise the lawn and garden centers of every store in town that has one.

And I dug my clay pots out of storage and planted flowers in them. That's no easy task since I have lots of them. It is suppose to be 80 degrees tomorrow and our last frost date is April 15th so I think it was safe to plant them. If it gets cold, I'll just have to cover everything up.
I have decided this year to cut back by planting all my container plants in one place. And that's my downstairs patio. In previous years I planted pots on my front porch but they kept forgetting to get watered because we don't use our upstairs much. So I am simplifying things.

And, I forgot to mention that I cleaned out the greenhouse and hauled off two truck loads of stuff that has been taking up space for far too long. Tool Belt Jim says he will build me some shelves for canning jars and all that gardening stuff that accumulates that you can't get rid of because you might need it some day. You know the stuff.

Don't you love these? My hosta's are coming up behind them. At least these kind of deer won't eat them!!! My son Kevin bought them for me one year. He's a good son. Knows the kind of things mommas like!I got smart last year and dug up some of those violets that grow all over the yard and planted them in these large planters. My patio has lots of shade and violets love shade so works great. And I love flowers that come back every year. All I did was stick a trash bag over them at the end of the year last year. Pot is plastic and I have been told they won't freeze and break.

And so you see I accomplished a lot today and that is why I am soaking and soaking in that very hot water. I'm just hoping I can get out of bed tomorrow.
Got to hit my local garden center and buy some mulch! And whatever else I happen to find I can't live without!

Hope you had as good as a day as I did!


Washer Mom Val said...

I'm envious of the plants, sore muscles, bath and coke - all of it. We are nearing time when we can plant and I look forward to that as my "God therapy." Lovely post. Blessings.

Dee said...

I do wish i had your energy. :-) Dee