Monday, April 27, 2009

Bumble Bees...

I snapped a quick picture of these flowers that come up every year. I think they are called "Ajuga" and I got a start from my sister. They are like a ground cover so be prepared for them to spread.

They really attract bumble bees. I like the plant, hate the bees!

Once I was spraying my water hose out in the yard and a bumble bee invaded my "three foot rule" so I turned the water hose on him.

Well, the surprise was on me because that monster chased me completely around my house. All that water hose did was make him madder. These things are wicked!

I know it says in the Bible that Adam was to have dominion over everything on the earth and subdue it, but my guess is he left the Bumble Bee alone!

And that is what I do also!!

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