Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back home again...

Brought the boys home for a couple of days to do some paperwork, pay bills and general catch up work. Don't have to clean house thanks to my sister Brenda. Came home to a clean house and that felt great!

Saw the baby before I left. He was swigging down his bottle and that was good to see. And I heard him crying and it sounds like a baby cry should sound. He clutched my hand with his little fingers and he has quite a grip for a little one.

Hopefully he will be moved out of ICU this week-end and be coming home soon. That's my prayer. Maybe before Easter!

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Deb said...

Take a few breaths and get a bit of much needed rest.
We're praying in agreement with you that Kaden will be home VERY soon.
God bless you all,