Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire....

Today was a very windy day and we had wind advisories out all day because of that. I worked out in the yard all day because the weather man had been calling for rain to come in , possibly severe, and I wanted to get my garden tilled and ready to plant potatoes before that happened. And it was a beautiful day to boot!

As it got closer to evening I was startled to smell smoke and overhead was this large column of smoke. Now keep in mind we have had wind advisories all day and this would not be the day to start a brush fire or burn off a field. My daughter and I jumped in the car to make sure a house was not on fire. It looked like something was burning directly to the south of our house and the wind was furiously blowing to the North. Makes you a little nervous.

The smoke was actually about 4 miles away and some idiot had started burning off a field.

Notice the grain bins.

I knew the fire would probably not jump the ditch and there was a large lake towards the north on part of the field, which also was a plus. But the dry fields were bound to go!!!

Looking across the field beside the road. By now, there were firefighters coming in from all directions. No firetrucks so far. Up to this point, there was only one guy to be seen on a 4-wheeler trying to keep the fire from spreading.

Here's the view from a short distance from our house. You could still see the smoke and fire lighting up the sky after dark.
Now, the interesting thing about this fire is that is was suppose to be a "controlled burn." set by a firefighter. I'm not buying why a fire-fighter would set a fire that close to outbuildings and grain bins on a day with such high winds. But that was the story. My guess is it got to be a bigger thing than anticipated. Especially when a steady stream of cars began to come on the scene and a whole crowd started fighting the fire.
There was one of those electric stations very close to this fire. I'm going to drive by soon and see how close it burned to that before it was put out. You could see where the fire was in the tops of trees. No telling how long that will burn.
So, it wasn't rain or snow that brought me back inside to blog but a fire instead!


Washer Mom Val said...

How scary - we have had "no burn" notices and the storms bring tornados and hail - was a "scary night" on Saturday night. The boys slept in the basement together because they were scared. Glad it didn't get near your home!

Dee said...

My goodness- sounds like a script from nature gone wild. I am glad you were still able to get your garden tilled. Thank goodness the fire got under control.Scary!!!!Dee