Monday, March 23, 2009

Didn't make it to the park after all...

My day seemed to start off good today. I had promised the boys I would take them into town to the park to play for a while. So we headed out early this morning for town. I stopped at the bank and then at our shop to drop off some paperwork. Got everyone loaded back into the car and guess what? Koda started puking and puking. So back out of the car I crawled and stripped off his clothes out in the parking lot, cleaned up the mess and back home we headed.

Called Dr. Jones and made an appointment to take him into town so we could make sure he did not have ear infection. He seemed to be feeling better but because we are suppose to head back to Kansas City tomorrow, we need to make sure what he has is not contagious.

Dr. Jones said his ears look good and it must be caused by a virus. And gave me some medicine to settle his stomach. Forgot to mention he also has diarrhea. Koda has lots of problems with allergies, so was thinking maybe it was something he had eaten. But guess not. Caught something from someone looks like. Know there is lots of stuff going around.

So we both crawled into bed this afternoon to take a nice, snugly nap. And guess what! He started puking again and just when I got that cleaned up, he started messing his pants. I had forgotten this part of motherhood!!! So stripped off the bedding and headed for the laundry.

His stomach must have got settled down because he took a long nap this afternoon. Which means he'll not be sleepy when it's bed time.

Oh well, count your blessings one by one. This too shall pass. Keep all of us in your prayers!

Rachel called earlier and said Baby Kaden is gaining weight and still doing good. Hoping to catch the cardiologist tomorrow morning and get some questions about the surgery answered.

Not sure if I will be going to the city for the surgery. Can't take a chance on Rachel, Steve or the baby getting sick.

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