Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm "Farmin"

Tool Belt Jim borrowed a tiller that pulls behind a tractor. He's unloading it from the back of the truck with his tractor. Today is the day we get the garden plowed and tilled so I can plant potatoes before St. Patricks day. Yeah!!!

Aren't tractors great?

I had originally had fence panels up around the garden but I took them down because you couldn't get the big tractor in the garden to plow. And I don't seem to have too much of a problem with the deer which is why I thought I needed fencing to start with. So first we had to pull the iron fence posts. I had also in previous years put up cattle panels to tie tomatoes to, but I found I didn't like the way it worked. So this year I'm going back to staking. Sometimes, it is best to follow the Amish ways. Drive by one of their homesteads sometime and see how they grow their tomatoes.

I had mowed my garden last year which unfortunately got away from me and grew up in grass and weeds.

I also need to see what additives my soil needs before I plant. Lime? Fertilizer? I stopped in a book store in Joplin this last week-end and bought some very old books on organic gardening. What better way to learn to garden than from the "old-timers".

Doesn't that look great?

This is just the right size garden for me to keep up with. We are planting a second garden for potatoes and corn this year but Tool Belt Jim says he will help take care of it. I'm also thinking about planting my rows closer together and putting down something to keep the weeds from growing between the rows and forgetting the tiller once it is planted. We'll see.

Then he ran the tiller over the plowed ground to spread it out evenly.

So now the ground is smooth. Notice my grape vines on the fence. I really pruned them and hope I did it right. Is there a wrong way to prune grapes? The last few years I haven't gotten any grapes off these vines because they have some kind of disease.
It's suppose to start raining tomorrow. I also raked leaves from around the fence and up next to the greenhouse. My garden always looks so good at the beginning of the season and so bad at the end. I must keep up with it this year!!!
Any gardening advice is always appreciated too.
Now for surviving hard times advice. If you have any way at all to do so, I would encourage you to do a garden this year. Times will eventually make growing your own food a necessity, not a luxury and it would be good to learn how to do it before you have to learn how to do it. Join a co-op or go to the Amish country stores and buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Learn to buy in bulk and learn to can what you grow. Prices will only be going up in the grocery stores. Learn to get self-reliant as much as possible.

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