Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy weather...

I keep getting updates from the Weather Channel for home. First there is a warning for flooding. Then a ice/snow storm is coming in. Now , I'm getting flood warnings again. And I've heard it's windy on top of everything else that is happening. Wonder what is really happening at home?

Here in K.C. it has stopped raining and has changed over to snow.

We're safe and warm in the RM House and Steve and Rachel are next door at the hospital. Security can come get them and take them home if for some reason they can't get their car out. Or if worse comes to worse, they can always walk to the hospital.

Except for the fact Rachel won't wear my coat and has only flip flops for shoes. Ha. Ha.
When they came up here it was 80 degrees out.

Missouri weather!

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