Thursday, March 19, 2009

Contact Info....

In case anyone needs it here is Steve and Rachels contact info.
Ronald McDonald House
2501 Cherry Room # 306
Kansas City, Mo 64108

Rachel's Cell 448-7249 Stephen's Cell 448-4936

Email addresses: Steve's is :
Rachel's is :

Cell phone numbers: Steve's is: 417-448-4936
Rachel's is : 417-448-7249

Home address: P.O. Box 86
Nevada, Mo. 64772

Feel free to call and talk to either of them. When they go in to see the baby they turn their cell phones off so you won't hurt anything by calling anytime. It will just go to voice mail when they are unavailable to take calls.

They appreciate those of you who have come to see them. Thank you Jeanette from First Baptist Church for making a trip up. You don't know how much they appreciated that!

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