Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Metal Grave Yard

Sometimes I get worried because Tool Belt Jim keeps hauling these old contraptions home and it looks like a metal grave yard up around the barn. But he assures me that all these hunks of metal may come in useful some day when hard times strike.
This is suppose to be a sicle mower for mowing hay. It is PTO driven and is pulled behind a tractor for those of you who are ignorant of such things as I am.
This hunk of junk is a manure spreader which might come in handy for spreading that big pile of manure down by my garden. My sister has one of these with flowers planted around it. Looked real pretty that way.

This is a corn picker. Not sure how it is suppose to work. Goes behind a tractor also.

And I about had a heart attack when I seen this had been pulled up and was sitting beside the barn. But, never fear, Tool Belt Jim says he only wants the motor for a generator. So , it just goes to show you that one man;s junk is another man's treasure. Good thing one of us has that kind of vision, huh?
Comes in handy when hard times strike, which probably will be a reality.

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