Saturday, January 17, 2009

Freezing Hamburger and Sausage together...

Since I have a beef coming and need freezer space I decided to take out some packages of sausage and hamburger and cook them. I mixed them half and half because the sausage you buy at the store now a days, doesn't taste like the old-fashioned sausage we had as kids. It's too strong for me. And because sage doesn't can well and the sausage I bought had sage in it, that ruled out canning it. So I cooked down about 15 packages of sausage and several packages of hamburger and mixed them together. After draining the meat well, I still put it through a collander and rinsed it with hot water. I'm really trying to rinse out some of the spices from the sausage. And it helps to get as much fat out as possible, especially if you were going to can it.

Using clean canning/freezing jars, I filled each jar about 3/4 full. I'm experimenting on this so I didn't want to overfill. And I am not sure if I need to add liquid or can just leave the jars with the hamburger mixture in them only. So, I did half and half. Would appreciate any advice at any time on canning, so feel free. Because I do not want my jars breaking, I did only fill them half full with liquid. Water with beef bouillon cube mixed in would have been best, but I didn't have any so I just used plain water. And I will drain the liquid out before I add it to whatever I am cooking anyway.

I wiped the jars down, added lids and bands and put them in the freezer. Then when I am cooking soups, or chili, or even need some hamburger to add to pizza, I'll just go to the freezer, pop the lid off and have instant hamburger/sausage.

My advice on all this canning and freezing stuff is to do it a little at a time so as not to burn yourself out because it is a lot of work. Same advice for stocking your pantry with canned stuff from the store. Go to Aldi's and buy a little extra canned goods each week. Or whatever is your favorite and cheapest grocery store. We have to drive an hour to get to an Aldi's now and I do wish it was closer. But if you have one in your town, take advantage of it! That's my advice for surviving hard times today!

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Beverly said...

What a great idea! I just wish I had the time,energy and space to do this.