Friday, January 16, 2009

Feeding the Wildlife...

I've been throwing out birdseed all day for my little friends. My favorite bird is the woodpecker and one flew right up to my front patio to eat. They're usually a little more skittish than that.
And cardinals have alway been a joy to watch. How can you not love a bird that wears red all the time?

Jim said there was a goose down by the pond that had some health problems. Maybe a hurt wing and can't fly. So he threw out some bird feed last night and I drove down today and threw out some more. Bad time to be wounded. Hope the wild animals don't find it. Wonder if there is a way to catch it and put it in a safe place? Or is that illegal? He took off walking across the frozen pond when I got too close for his comfort. Hope he comes back to eat the bird seed and makes it through the night.

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