Friday, January 2, 2009

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.

Tool Belt Jim wanted to go check out a place that he found that sells heirloom seeds so we headed out this morning. What an adorable place it was. Check out their website at They had a whole little village set up with a museum and animals besides the little store where they sold the seeds. I bought a packet of gourd seeds that I can make large bird houses from . If you get a chance take your little ones to this delightful place in the country only about 30 minutes from Springfield, Mo.

Here I am with a goat cart which I have been coveting for years. Some day I will find one that is in my price range and I will buy it!
This is a gate made from horseshoes. How clever! Gives me all kinds of ideas of things I can do.
They had a little blacksmith shop set up for visitors to look at.
Tool Belt Jim is checking out the old wood stove. I well remember sitting behind one of these trying to get warm when I was a little girl.
This building is an outdoor oven. How would you ever control the temperature?
Here's where you would put the bread or whatever you were baking.
They actually still bake bread in the Flour Mill here.

Remember those old westerns that always showed a woman giving birth in what looked like a full size bed in the back of the covered wagon? Here's the actual size of those wagons and I don't see how even a twin size bed would have fit in there let alone 8 kids!

When I was a little girl, I always thought I would like to live out of a covered wagon and cook over a campfire. I would crawl under the covers in my bed and pretend it was a covered wagon. Just didn't like the idea of Indians! Or getting scalped!

Animals were everywhere. Aren't these sheep adorable? And what cute little pens!

And turkeys! I think I am going to go back home and have Tool Belt Jim drag out the old tool belt and make me some of these little pens so I can have some turkeys and chickens and ducks too.
And this way you don't have to worry about stepping into poop!

How adorable is this little chicken house? I think I will make a little bigger fenced in yard though. This brings out the "Walton" roots in me. Now the question is "will I be able to take care of the animals every day?" Somebody has to be home all the time to keep them fed and watered! I'll have to think about that one because I am gone overnight a lot.
But I want some laying hens so I can have my own eggs. They taste much better than the ones you get out of the store. And I could have a setting hen and raise baby chicks. Aah!
And I could get some of those exotic and weird looking chickens too!!
And upstairs was a loom. And you could buy homemade rag rugs. Remember your grand-parents making those? I still have a friend who braids rugs out of plastic.
I could sit here all day in this old rocking chair looking at the old dishes and cards and clothes and rugs and ....
Remember Ike Godsey's store on The Waltons? I would make a great storekeeper.
Somebody else likes to display their canned stuff as much as I do. I like that dried wreath too!

For all you city folks out there, this is an electric fence and I wasn't about to climb over it, crawl under it and there was no way around it so Tool Belt Jim went by himself to take some pictures of the post and beam construction of a building that was just going up. I have a healthy respect for electric fences!! And behind the post is the other stuff you find on a farm with animals!

Aah, he was my hero when I was a little girl! I wanted to grow up and marry him. My sister liked Roy Rogers but I was in love with Gene Autrey!

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