Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waiting for high-speed....

My local phone company called and has assured me that out here in the boonies where we live qualifies for high speed Internet now. The friendly phone person sent a technician out once before and hooked my daughter who lives next door to us on the 80 acre homestead up, But when it came time to hook us up, we seemed to be too far out...whatever that means. I think it meant he was having a bad day, and didn't want to mess with doing whatever it took to hook us up. He didn't even come in the house to try it. So it's an irritation to go to my daughter's house and watch her use the laptop anywhere in the house, when I too should be doing the same.

So , now my friendly phone person has called me once again, assuring me that I too, can be lucky enough to have that much coveted "high speed" Internet.. Unless you live in the country and have to wait for that good ole dial up stuff, you won't understand what I mean. So, we'll stay home another day and wait for the repair man to bring the 80 acre homestead into the current century. I can hardly wait!!!

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