Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still waiting...

Wouldn't you know that I would get the same phone technician that came out the first time and told me I could not get high speed internet where I am located! So, he wouldn't even come out this time, he just called me.

So, I called back to the phone company who called another supervisor who called his supervisor etc. etc. Someone was suppose to get back with me right away. In the meantime, I sat at home another day waiting on a phone man who never showed up.

So, who knows whether I will actually ever get high speed or not. Apparently, we are in the right area to qualify for it as far as footage goes (which the technician said we were not), but he also mentioned something about coils and there could lie the problem. Whatever, coils have to do with it.

Centurytel, just tell me whether I can have high speed or not and quit calling me and getting my hopes up!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The "coils" are installed on your telephone line to improve its ability to carry your call over a longer length of wire. My bet is that your home is quite a distance from the CenturyTel equipment office.

While these coils help your voice calls they degrade the signals required to provide you DSL service.

It is unfortunate that CenturyTel can not deliver you the service. I know from personal experience that they would very much like to have your DSL business.

CenturyTel Retiree