Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sign Up Now!

If you are a caring, compassionate and dedicated person I know of a volunteer opportunity for you! The American Red Cross is recruiting volunteers to be trained and ready to respond to disasters in your area.

Red Cross volunteers provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Our volunteers work together to deliver on the American Red Cross promise “We’ll be there!”

As a community, we must be prepared to respond in the event of any type of disaster. That is why it is so important to be prepared before we have to deal with the effects caused by such disasters as tornadoes, flooding, fires or ice storms. Do you or your family have a disaster plan in effect now? Have you thought about how you can be trained to help those that may be cold, wet, and hungry and out of a place to stay in the event of a disaster in your own community?

Statistics show that home fires are the most common disaster in America. The Red Cross responds to 180 home fires every day. The goal of the Red Cross Disaster Action Teams is to be at the scene of the fire within one hour, if possible, to assist the victims both financially and emotionally.

We have seen the devastation that disasters cause on a National level and we have found disasters don’t care about county or state lines. Together we can be prepared to meet the needs of our family and friends who may be affected when disaster unexpectedly strikes here closer to home in our own communities.

Won't you join us in preparing for disasters before they strike in your local community as I have done in mine? Go online at or contact your local Red Cross office to find out what trainings are available in your area. Be counted among the thousands of volunteers who are proud to wear the emblem of the "Big Red Cross" and make a difference in this world that sometimes presents us with pain and devastation. You'll wish you had done it long before now!

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