Friday, September 26, 2008

My Trip Summary

Here is a log cabin I saw in Tn somewhere or was it Ky? Can't remember now. I love log cabins.
I really like the rustic look. Better get back on track here, this is about a motorcycle trip.

I left Crossville, Tn about 5:30 am, my favorite time of the day. I knew it was going to be a long
day. If I rode for 9-10 hrs (my normal riding day) I was only going to be a couple of hrs from home and I wasn't going to get a motel 2 hrs from home. So I jumped on I-40 and slabed it to Nashville. Got there at rush hour, of course. I took a shortcut (normally these never work) and made it through town without getting caught in traffic.

I got into Ky and decided to take some back roads. This cost me an extra hour but the scenery was worth it. Some of the trees were shedding their leaves and it was like a ticker tape parade just for me.

I made it to Wycliffe , Ky and crossed the Ohio river into Ill. for about a mile, then crossed the Mississippi into Missouri. Funny how you feel like you're home when you cross the state line even though I still had 360 miles to get home. The pine trees smelled wonderful as I rode down the road. That is one of the things I really like about riding. The wonderful smells (and not so wonderful sometimes) and the fresh air hitting you in the face. Just makes life better.

Who said I don't like Harley Davidson! They make the best jerky in the world. It is good stuff!

I found this at a surplus store and bought some on whim. Turned out to be really good.

I rolled into home at about 5:30 pm. Was good to be home. I had a wonderful trip.

This is the face of a happy rider. Oh, I cleaned the bugs off my teeth before the picture was taken. If you ever get a chance to go to the Smokie and Blue Ridge Mountains my advice would be to GO!

Not sure when my next trip will be but there is still some good weather in Oct here. Hmmmm

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