Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last Day at Hilton Head

We cruised around the Island today. Went down to the beach and the docks where the yachts were.

Cleaned up the bike.

The house pix is where Chris and Missy and the kids live. The fountain is in the back yard.

The thing around the dogs neck is what I call the CWE or Canine Wind Enhancer. The dog can stick his head out the car window at 30 mph and get the effect of a 60 mph wind. Saves on gas and helps stop global warming. Who ever thought of it is a genius.

The pix of the food was supper(dinner for you city folk) tonight. Visually igniting the taste buds. also know as making your mouth water just looking at it. Missy is a gourmet cook and them sure was some good food. oops forgot I'm supposed to use writer lingo. try this.
The counter was arranged with an eclectic array of stunning and vibrantly visual assortment of sea food, grits, a wonderful jelly rolled meat loaf, new baby potatoes stuffed with sour cream and blue cheese filling and sauteed whole green beans with bacon bits. Boy if that don't make your tongue land in your shirt pocket nothing will! I ate so much I feel like a dog tick, fat and swollen and little arms and legs wiggling trying to get ahold of something. Try not to dwell on that last line too much.

Well tomorrow morning (early) I will jump on the slab and head up to Asheville, NC and pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway. I will post some pix and a ride report tomorrow night.
till tomorrow good night

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you're so gross.