Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day Two of the Bike Trip

I couldn't get the computer to work last night and no cell service here but I'm up and going this morning.

The only place in the intergalactic solar system it was raining was, where I am. At least it was just a light rain. After about 60 miles I ran out of it.

Went through the horse country of Tn. Miles and miles of white fence. I wonder why it has to be white. why not red or blue or green? I was on the back roads and stopped at Mary Jo's cafe. Had the best pecan sticky bun I've ever had.

Headed east to NC. Couldn't find a good way around Chattanooga so I slabed it through town and picked up 64 east into NC. What a beautiful ride. Maybe one of the best I have ever been on. You can see the trees starting to turn. Oh wait if I was a writer I would say it this way.
" The powerful V-Twin engine pulled me to the top of the mountain pass without a whimper. I was greeted by a vast ocean of green that nature has sprinkled with subtle hues of reds, oranges and browns to remind us that she was still in control. The crisp air filled my lungs as drank in the beauty that lay before. I twisted the throttle and the engine pulled hard as I skimmed the twisted meandering roads, disappearing into the dark primeval forest. The cares of the world were rapidly left behind to be faced another day".......... yeh yeh yeh whatever. I am not a writer so look,the trees were turning OK!

I got a room in Anderson, Nc. A beautiful little town tucked into a valley. Today I am going to ride the Deals Gap AKA the Dragons Tail, 318 curves in 11 miles! I hope to make it to Hilton Head today sometime. Still 400 miles without riding the dragon. we'll see.


Anonymous said...

For not being a writer, you did pretty good on the writer part. Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,

I just discovered your blog when searching for something else. I really like it, and am going to add it to my list to keep up with, if that's ok with you. You do a really great job with the pictures and all. You must be a fellow Christian.

Anonymous said...

Jim, that is pretty cool. Hope you are enjoying yourself. It has been GREAT bike weather here, so, of course I have not been on mine. Safe journey. Jim Wilde