Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's time to stop mothering.....

Well, my baby will be off for college tomorrow. Actually, off to college again, but we won't talk about that! So now what will I do ? Last time , I spent quite a bit of time sitting on my front porch crying my eyes out. There is something about the last one leaving the nest and going off on their own. So I'll take my own advice and get my eyes off myself and focus on looking outward, to others around me. I really am a busy woman, and hopefully what I work towards accomplishing is worthwhile and God-centered. Keep me in your prayers!! It'll take me a few days to adjust to the quiet and to stop listening for his footsteps to come in late at night. Do we ever stop mothering?

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Liz said...

My daughter is off to college again for the 5th year (she's a 5th year senior, and will graduate this spring). It gets better every year. This year she got an apartment, and I was actually able to be glad for her. Of course you have your grandkids there it looks like, so your house can't be that quiet all the time! I know...I's not the same. I'm with you in listening for the footsteps at night.