Tuesday, August 19, 2008


For those of you that know Tool Belt Man (alias my husband) you are very much aware of his anti-social behavior. I found this on his motorcycle forum and copied it over to my blog. Now I have proof he is anti-social and he's proud of it too! Enjoy!

Jim writes:
My sister in law made the comment that I was exhibiting anti social behavior. So I got to thinking about this and decided to start the Antisocial Club of America ( hence A.C.O.A.). I thought about the annual meeting and decided on dinner tables for one. Ordering your food would be by text message. No name tags or introductions allowed. Decided against having a president as that would entail interaction with other people and could turn ugly, very quick. The meeting room would have lots of corners so everyone would have a place to lurk. Everyone would get a free t-shirt that says "they really are out to get me". Separate hotels for everyone. No carpooling. No exchanging business cards. But then again what am I thinking. No one would show up anyway! Finally our motto would be "FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS HAVE FRIENDS'! Really I,m not that bad or am I? If you would like to be a member don't contact me as that would violate the rules.

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