Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation...Day 3...

Well, this is our last and final day on our trip. We left Garden City,Ks. and headed south to Dodge City where we made a quick stop. I snapped the local newspaper proving that times never change. Thought it very fitting for Dodge City!
You will see the giant grain storage bins and just outside of town was a feedlot. Enough said about that!

Here we also seen the Old Soldier's Home and Custer's house.

We stopped along the road at a sign showing where the Santa Fe Trail tracks were. That had to take a special kind of person to endure the hardships of crossing the country in a covered wagon with everything you owned! Wonder if the kids ever said "are we there yet?" Tool Belt Jim is standing in the actual tracks caused by the wagon trains.

I love this road art! Wouldn't it be interesting to meet the man that creates all this and learn the story behind it? Guess we'll save that for a later day!

We stopped in Greensburg, Ks. to check out the World's Largest Hand Dug Well. We have seen it many times, but since the tornado took out a big portion of the town, things didn't look the same. The well is still there with a enclosure around it. I was glad to see two large Red Cross tents in the town. Everywhere you look, people are rebuilding the town and I am sure their lives. It again reminds me of the importance of being prepared and supporting your local Red Cross by becoming a volunteer or by giving monetary donations! It will be money well spent.

We headed further south almost to the Oklahoma line and traveled through what I thought was the best part of the whole trip. We got off the highway and took a dirt road through "Open Range" territory. It was still a county road, but went through the "cow pastures!" It was great! We seen mule deer and here the landscape was ravines and gullies and cedar trees. No more flat land. Sometimes , you don't know what you are missing when you stay on the highways! I snapped Jim's favorite plant (sage) and Indians must have been around because we seen the smoke signals. (laugh, laugh) There is a picture of me with the winding road behind me going for miles. Very peaceful!

In one of the small towns we found a couple of old gas pumps rusting down. Some collector would love to find these.
And the final picture was of an oil well pumping away! We certainly need to find more oil right here in the good ole USA! So pump away!!

It's so good to be back home!!!

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