Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm back!

Just got back home yesterday from my geneology "adventure." Spent one whole day in the geneology room of the public library in Marshfield reading old books, newspaper articles , looking at plat maps etc. Now I need to compile as much of this info in a way that makes sense while I can remember it. Then I need to contact all my living relatives from that side of the family and gather old photographs and memories while it can still be done.

But alas, today I have to mow the yard, do payroll taxes, make deposits, do bookwork, clean house and all that stuff that keeps the world turning. But my heart is out there somewhere digging in old books , looking through dust covered attics for a reminder of the past and wondering if any of my ancestors walked a Godly lifestyle?

Oh yea, forgot to mention that I caught the satellite TV cable while mowing and pulled the connection apart. Better go to town and get the part to fix that before my husband gets home ! And the stupid mower just stopped for no reason and won't go forward , backwards or turn and no belts seem to be off. Getting too hot to mow anyway!

Well, off I go.

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