Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation...Day 2.....

Well, we headed out about 9:00 this morning going west from Hastings, Nebraska. Our main goal was to tour the Pioneer Village in Minden, Ne. If you ever get a chance to tour the Pioneer Village I'd do it. It's brochure advertises is as "Showing Man's Progress Since 1830" and says "For thousands of years man lived quite simply. Then like a sleeping giant, our world was awakened. In a mere hundred and twenty years of eternal time, man progressed from open hearths, grease lamps and ox carts to television, super-sonic speed and atomic power. We have endeavored to show you the actual development of this astounding progress as it was unfolded by our forefathers and by ourselves..." It really is awesome to see how life has changed in such a short time!

Along the way we stopped and got a quick picture of me beside the Oregon Trail marker. Jim likes to check out all the historic markers as we travel so we will know what has happened in the areas we are traveling through.

We traveled through mainly eastern ks. northern ks. and northwestern ks. and you mostly see miles and miles of wheat fields, feed lots and a few oil wells. But where are all the fields of sunflowers? I never saw one sunflower so far on this trip and I know this is the "sunflower state." We passed lots and lots of large trucks carrying combines and tractors and R.V.'s Harvestors on the road so America can eat!

We toured a fossil museum in Oakley,Ks. Thought my grandkids would enjoy these pictures so bear with me. Also, check out the buffalo. Wouldn't want to meet one of those after dark.

The most amazing thing we saw in this flat land of wheat was the Monument Rocks located I swear, right smack in the middle of some farmer's field. And they are huge! Only God could do that, but I understand it is something about this land being under water at one time etc. etc. These are located south of Scott City, Ks. and you'll never find them unless you follow the signs. They're about 6 miles off the highway on a dirt road, so know what you're looking for.

And once again, we're roughing it at the AmericInn in Garden City, Ks. Tomorrow, we'll head towards Dodge City. You can say "where in the world is "nana" today?" We'll be home soon!

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david santos said...

Very nice post, Nana, very nice!
Excelent picturs and very nice colors. Vacation...Day 3.....

Happy day