Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation---Day 1

We started off in the little red truck early this morning, carrying our own diesel with us so we wouldn't have to stop. I will try to remember all the exciting stops we made as we drove across Kansas heading towards Nebraska. First, we stopped at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve west of Strong City and wandered around looking at the beautiful house and barns. Then I snapped a picture of a ball of wire that seems to pop up in Kansas frequently. You will see Jim looking in the door of a huge outhouse at the prairie reserve. That didn't look like the outhouses we had when we were growing up! Then we stopped in Cottonwood Falls and saw the Custer Elm tree. After moving on we stopped for a short break at the Eisenhower Home and Museum in Abilene. After getting our legs limbered up again we headed on down the road. We made a short stop in Beloit and Glen Elder as Jim's great-great-grandparents were buried there. Oh yes, we can't forget the world's largest ball of twine in Cawker City. No way could we travel this far and not stop at the geographical center of the 48 states and get Jim's picture taken. Notice the flag was standing straight out as the wind picked up pretty good by the time we reached there. Believe me when I say it is in the middle of nowhere. Finally, after 10 hours of meandering we finally saw the Nebraska sign and pulled into civilization again (read Wal-Marts) in Hastings. Going to get some sleep and head back out tomorrow to see what Nebraska has to offer. Sorry the pictures did not come out in the right order but I will try to correct them when I get home. You all may not care about my detailing this trip out like this but my small grandson wants to know everything I did so this is for you Mark!

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Karol said...

I enjoyed your vacation even though I wasn't there -- I felt like I was!! Good job! Karol