Thursday, June 26, 2008

Support Your Local Red Cross

I am a volunteer with our local chapter of the American Red Cross and if you have never gotten involved with the Red Cross, I would encourage you to do so. In our small town we have a great group of volunteers that are eagerly taking classes so we can be prepared in case of an emergency. We took a shelter class and almost immediately had to set up a shelter when a tornado struck a small town close to us. It was actually the very night we were scheduled to take a class called "Chapter Response to Disaster." Instead of attending the class, we got some actual hands on practice! Last week we took the class that we had missed and now we are in the process of setting up DAT (Disaster Action Teams). These teams will be on call one week a month and will go out for fires and assist the victims with any needs that we can help them with. Sometimes it may be just to put your arm around them and cry with them! And the very next day, I got called to go out after a house had burned down. I have never worked with an organization that is so worthwhile and hope you too are a local Red Cross volunteer. If you can't volunteer, consider making a donation, especially during these times of fires and flooding and disasters that seem to be hitting on a regular basis.

Our local chapter was just given this cute little Suzuki for our DAT teams to drive. Two of my grand-kids just loved it because they thought it looked like a police car and wanted their picture taken with it. And who could not love those little action figure underwear? They are proud of their "nana" for going to fires and helping people!!

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pastorchadbailey said...

Joyce I like the blog, I am excited about what we are doing for Vernon County through the Red Cross. If you need anything give me a call!!
Pastor Chad