Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Frustration in the garden...

I hurried outside this afternoon to run the tiller through my potato garden before it starts raining tonight. Remember the potatoes I planted in March just before it started raining and raining? I thought they had all rotted, and many of them did, but some finally came up!

Luckily, the tiller fired up with no problem. Wish someone would invent a way to start those little rascals without doing that rope pulling thing. This is 2008 for gosh sakes. Anyway, I started up the first row and of course, the ground was hard as a rock. The potatoes are planted in the worst ground on the whole 80 acre homestead, but we were in a rush to get them planted so we did not have time to improve the soil as we should have. Where we planted them use to be where a pond was, which by the way would not hold water, so we filled it back in. So, I am assuming all the topsoil had been dozed away when the pond was originally dug out. I could have had a really nice pool for what that little pond project cost us! Anyway, again I digress.

Have you ever tried to run a tiller which is not self-propelled or whatever that is called, in rock hard ground, not to mention full of real rocks? About half way through the second row, the wheel hit one of the aforementioned rocks and the inside of the wheel which was made of plastic smashed. What kind of idiot would design the wheel of a garden tiller out of plastic? The really crazy part of all this is that this is the second time this has happened this week!

Tool Belt Man does have one down side to him. Unfortunately, he thinks I have a problem with tearing up stuff. I have had wheels fall off my pull along finish mower and the metal guard on my regular mower got ripped off once. O.K.,I do have a little problem with depth perception and maybe I did hit something with that, and come to think of it I did cut a little short on my big tractor that pulls the finish mower and caught the edge of the barn, but usually these things really are not my fault. Honest. I just ride this stuff and things break. But, two tiller wheels in the same week! So you know my excitement level at getting to call Tool Belt Man at work and tell him the second wheel just splintered and fell totally off!!

And because I am a very determined individual and not a quitter, I finished tilling for over an hour with only one wheel! That's no easy task because the stupid thing kept leaning to the no wheel side and wanting to fall over. I am sure it was a sight to behold, and probably not recommended in the tiller operation manual, but sometimes you must improvise.

Hopefully, tomorrow Tool Man will get me another wheel so I can carry on with the task at hand. I must get my watermelons and cantelopes planted!!! I am trying to remember how far apart you plant hills for melons?

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