Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Power...Kicked up a notch Grain Mill

Tool Belt Man decided he wanted a better, grain mill with more power than the one he had so he ordered a Country Living Grain Mill which is a hand crank model with a V-Belt hand wheel. Since he did not want to crank it by hand, he added a 1100 rpm electric motor. The motor is a little big but it is the only 1100 rpm motor he could find. He built the chute and the cover for the top so the flour would not go everywhere when it is running. He paid $365.00 for the mill and $95.00 for the motor. The frame and rest of the needed parts he built himself. It will be more efficient and makes a better ground of flour. It grinds with steel burrs instead of stone. Plus it has a 20 year warranty. He'll put the other one on Ebay to cover the cost of this one.

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