Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life Can Get Full of Clutter...

I spent the day yesterday trying to clean out closets and my pantry room. Where does all this stuff come from and how important is it to keep for the future? I am almost 55 and have decided it is time to start giving things away while I can decide who I want to give them to. So let the uncluttering begin.

I gave a couple pictures that my mom painted before she got sick to my son who was asking me if there were any of her pictures he could have. Then I gave a quilt to my daughter-in-law that we made together the year before she and my son were married. Some stuff I sent to our local charity and books that had sat on shelves for years were taken to our local library for others to enjoy. I am one that cannot stand having life cluttered up and that goes for my house too. I can't think clearly with things in disarray. I enjoy an orderly life. I may be a little obsessive-compulsive, but so be it.

My kids are all grown and gone from home so I have given them their photo albums and keepsakes to keep at their houses. I think it is important to not wait until you are old to start photo albums of each of your kids, so I figure it is a good time for my grand-kids to start their own albums also. And scrapbooking is a big thing right now so would make a great school project for them.

I love my Birds and Bloom magazines as well as Reminisce and Farm and Ranch and Quick Cooking. They have such beautiful pictures. So why not donate them to the Alzheimers Unit where my mom is instead of leaving them collecting dust on the closet shelf? The patients there remember and love seeing the pictures of a time gone by which sometimes is more real than the world they live in today.

So as you too go through life, think about what you have that is most important to you and then get rid of the things that we accumulate as just "stuff." The stuff sitting on your closet shelves may be a treasure to someone else. So dig it out and use it to make someone else happy today!!

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