Monday, March 17, 2008

Tool Belt Jim- A man of many talents

My husband is a man of many talents and interests. When I first met him he was doing construction work helping to build our local swimming pool. My house happened to be across the street from the pool and I liked the way his tool belt fit. Looking back, that probably wasn't the most important trait you should search for in a man, but I wasn't really long on wisdom then either. So I'll call him Tool Belt Man while blogging. Anyway, back to the present. When we moved out here to the "80 acre homestead" he once again dug out and strapped on the tool belt and did most of the construction and overseeing of the building of our home himself. He also built two barns, a sawmill, my greenhouse, and a shelter house or gazebo. In the past he owned his own airplane and volunteered on The Mercy Ship , probably so he could see what being behind the wheel of a ship felt like, even if it was just for a moment. His current interests include riding his motorcycle , building a storage shed for wood, and at present keeping a close watch on the stock market. He also buys government surplus as you can see by the camo monster behind him holding a load of logs. The point I am making here is that he goes through life wanting to have done it all. Recently, He took two of our grandkids into "the big woods" one day so they could watch the process of cutting down a tree and sawing it up for firewood. Making memories is very important and I will bet those two little ones won't forget that day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Joyce, this is cool! I love your bit about yourself and Jim! Great way to keep in touch! Our kids have Facebook, etc, they are so into posting pics and thoughts, very communication-connected. I hope you keep doing this. By the way, the pictures kind of make me sigh inside. Town living is fine, but your country lifestyle calls to me. One of the reasons I can't have an Irish Wolfhound, according to Bob, (other than it would eat us out of house and home) is that we don't have enough ROOM! God bless!! Dawn